One billion birds killed

From: Cate H., Care2 Action Alerts <>
Subject: One billion birds killed
Europe: Crack down on illegal bird hunting!

Serious violations of animal conservation laws are happening all across Europe - and birds are dying as a result. Of the five billion birds that fly through Europe each autumn to spend winter in warmer weather, up to one billion are killed by humans.

We have to protect these birds before they become extinct. Sign the Care2 petition today urging the European Union (EU) to enforce laws to stop the illegal hunting, poaching, killing and smuggling of birds!

Within the borders of the EU, birds have had special conservation status for decades yet far too many are still hunted and killed. The Amur falcon, lesser whitethroat and songbird are at particularly high risk. In fact, hundreds of thousands of songbirds are illegally shot and exported every year.

Particularly in southeast Europe, hunters have become the number one threat for birds. They use guns, spring-loaded nets for water birds, poisoned prey and sticks covered with glue to catch the unsuspecting birds.

It's up to us to convince the European Union to stop illegal bird hunting before it's too late. The passenger pigeon was once the most common bird on the planet, but human actions led to the bird's extinction over a hundred years ago. Let's make sure we don't lose the Amur falcon, lesser whitethroat and songbird the same way - sign the Care2 petition today urging Europe to stop illegal bird hunting!

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