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Subject: We're Halfway There!
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We are halfway through the special Tchimpounga Matching Campaign.  I am pleased to announce that with the support of JGI's donors, we have already raised $20,000!  These funds will help JGI transfer a group of 30 chimpanzees to forested Tchibebe Island where they can play among the trees without the threat of being killed or hurt by poachers or snare traps.
I have worked at JGI's Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center for years.  As you know, Tchimpounga takes in the most vulnerable victims of the illegal bushmeat trade, orphaned chimpanzees.  It is heartbreaking to see these infants come to Tchimpounga after being torn from their mothers, suffering from malnutrition and often in pain.
However, with your help, there is hope for these young chimpanzees.  Once at Tchimpounga, orphan chimps receive all the medical care, love and attention they need while learning how to socialize with other chimps.  And now, we have the opportunity to return 30 of Tchimpounga's chimps to a more natural forest environment, Tchibebe Island.

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