Save Sumatra's tigers! Tell Asia Pulp & Paper's customers to quit deforestation

Dear friends,

Last week we revealed some shocking news.

Asia Pulp and Paper - a company that is pulping Indonesia's rainforests and threatening Sumatran tigers with extinction - has been caught red-handed using a threatened and internationally protected tree species called ramin. We asked those of you following us on Facebook and Twitter to take action and ask companies still buying APP products to stop doing business with this company until it cleans up its act.

Many of you have already contacted the companies involved and it had immediate effects: within mere days some of them took action to distance themselves from APP!

However Xerox, Danone and others still have not committed to stop buying completely from Asia Pulp and Paper - if you haven't contacted them yet we still need you to help us ask these companies to stop using APP products. If you already have - thank you! And please consider asking friends and family to do the same.

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Ramin is a threatened species, protected under Indonesian law as well as the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species, the same convention designed to stop the ivory trade. The evidence of ramin at APP's pulp mill was captured on film and put online here in a totally transparent way, as well as being given directly to police in Indonesia.

Not only is APP undermining Indonesian and international regulations, it is implicating some of its biggest customers in this scandal.

Tell APP's customers to drop their contracts until APP stops pulping Indonesia's rainforests.

Thank you for supporting our campaign to protect Indonesian rainforests!

All of us,
Greenpeace International
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