How Pure Acai Berry Is Different From Others

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Mankind’s search for the Fountain of Youth has been ongoing for centuries – few people look forward to aging, and would enjoy turning back the clock. Interest in Acai Berry as a possible solution to the deterioration of the body has caused a proliferation of companies selling acai berry products. There is no question that trying to find the best acai berry will enable you to get more benefits from this fruit, but with so many choices, how can you be sure that you’re making the right one?

PureAcaiBerry is a source you can count on to give you the best possible acai products. Although it is a powerful source of antioxidants, and could be very beneficial for your metabolism, the acai berry is actually a very fragile fruit and must be processed almost immediately before decay sets in. The best way to do this, to capture all the goodness in the fruit, is to freeze dry the berries within 24 hours of harvest. While many acai berry products have been made using heat or air drying, by the time the process is completed nearly all the vital nutrients have been lost. You can be sure that PureAcaiBerry capsules contain only the best freeze dried acai berries.

It is not surprising that the more acai berry in the product, the more antioxidants will be present. Some acai berry products are not pure; they will be adulterated with other substances. Because of the nature of the acai berry and the need for it to be harvested and processed properly, the cost of pure, natural products will reflect the special care needed to bring acai berries to you. In order to offer a lower price, some manufacturers will use fillers or other fruit powders to ‘stretch out’ the acai berry – but fillers only dilute the power of acai, making it less effective. There are times when you really do get what you pay for. PureAcaiBerry offers you capsules packed with 1500 mg of pure freeze dried acai powder; it would be difficult to find a more potent product anywhere.

Incubationer LTD
A company gains a reputation for trust because it deals honestly and openly with its customers. This is another way in which PureAcaiBerry differs from some of its competitors – many suppliers will offer a month of free acai, but often those who accept this offer find themselves signed up for many months of acai berry products, whether they want them or not. PureAcaiBerry lets you decide how much you want, whether it is a month’s worth or a whole year or more.