Do you know all the traits in Sims Social Facebook game?

Do you know all the traits in Sims Social Facebook game?
Sims Social is the hottest Facebook game around these days even getting past Farmville. But the real fun from Sims Social comes from the various traits that you acquire for your online personality or Sim. Traits, in Sims Social, are different from the personality you choose. Traits highlight your individual style.
There are a total of nine traits available in the game and you could choose six of those for your Sim. For the beginning player there is only one slot for a trait. But none of the traits come for free. The cost of the traits in lifetime points vary. So, you have to earn lifetime points first. You could earn these ‘precious’ lifetime points by completing a mission, improving skill levels or improving your relationship level with other Sims out there.
Another interesting feature of the traits is that each has specific availability of upgrade levels. You also unlock some special new items at each new level you reach. Check out these traits and see if you have obtained your favorite six.
Great Kisser – Surely this is the most popular and sought-after trait in Sims Social. It promises great success in your online life in Sims Social and puts you behind by 150 lifetime points.
Insane – A unique trait, being ‘insane’ on Sims Social makes you downright silly but lot of fun all the time. You’re never the dull one to have around. Yet, it cuts back on social interaction so you could get along with having a few neighbors. You have to play 75 lifetime points to purchase this trait.
Ninja – You buy this trait for 150 lifetime points to turbocharge your online life in Sims Social. You can teleport yourself, move around with great speed and well, kind of be everywhere all the time!
Ogre – Want to make enemies instead of friends? Pick the Ogre trait. It will keep the best and the worst of people away from you. This trait allows your Sim to burp and fart. The other interesting feature of this trait is that you consume less energy cleaning up. The Ogre trait can be purchased for 100 lifetime points.
Slob: This is a completely messy trait that lets your Sim live in filth. Actually. Use 75 lifetime points to buy this trait and enjoy its various levels.
Steel Bladder – is available for 50 lifetime points and you don’t have to go to the washroom too quickly.
Neat: As the name implies, are finicky about neatness. Available for 100 lifetime points.
Super Mechanic – As evident by the name, could make anything out of junk. Quite a talented trait to process that could get you many friends. This trait is got for 50 lifetime points.
Night Owl – Needs very little sleep and comes for 50 lifetime points. This is one of those creative kind of traits that keeps you inspired for way longer than other traits. This is the perfect trait if you want to get down to honing special skills, abilities etc.