Did I ever tell you how I lost my job?

"Did I ever tell you how I lost my job?"
- By Daegan Smith

I think the story will be insightful ...

There I was minding my business and I get a call on my new cell phone. Not a number I recognized, but I picked it up anyways.

It was the CEO of the company I was working for with a message.

I thought it was strange that the CEO was calling me out of the blue, it hadn't happened before so I knew something was up.

In a five minute conversation I was told the company was downsizing and that I had two choices.

One to work for minimum wage or two to leave with one months severance pay.

He called halfway into the month and said these changes were taking place the beginning of next month.

So much for company loyalty right?

I had worked there for 2 years and that was the notice I was given.

Sink or swim right?

Now luckily for me, and little known to him, I had an internet business running on the side that was doing about $20,000 a month at that point so I didn't sweat it much.

But that's how it went down.

No real security in the J.O.B. world.

The only real security you really have in life is finding opportunity, seeing it for what it is, and going after it with all you got.

I see no greater opportunity in this world than the merging of the internet and network marketing.

How else can I guy make $20,000 per month on the side working a few hours a day undetected.

Get started now no matter what position you might be in, the truth is your future depends on it. Here's how:


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