Become A Blogger is closing

I just got word from famous blogger
Yaro Starak that he and video expert
Gideon Shalwick are closing their
very popular blogging video course.

It's called Become A Blogger Premium
and teaches absolute beginners how to
make money with blogs by following a
proven formula.

The course contains over 50 step-by-step
training videos, instructional audios,
a roadmap report and coaching calls
with Yaro and Gideon.

THE IMPORTANT PART: the program in its current
format closes forever on friday and there is
a special closing down discount if you join
this week.

The page to join at the discount price is -


Here's what you will discover as you study the course -

* How to set up a blog from scratch
* Optimize your blog for free traffic from search engines
* Install plugins-including which ones you shouldn't be without
* Locate and insert images into your blog
* Add AUDIO and VIDEO to your blog
* Produce "magnetic" content
* Market your blog through MULTIPLE traffic sources
* What methods to use to make the most money
* and much, much more!

This course has been studied by thousands of
members already over the last two years, so
it is tested material with many success stories.

Here are some comments other members have sent in...


From Ken:

I am 59, going on 30 (I wish), I am just getting
in to this blogging stuff, and I am intending to
spread my knowledge of the Plumbing and Welding
Industry I have gained in the past 43 years. I am
very impressed with your style and the easy to
understand methods in the Videos. Your
instructional skills are second to none. I am a
bit of a hard copy freak, and I like that you are
able to print out the instructions as well.

Top work Gideon and Yaro, keep it coming.


James said...

You guys have outdone yourselves! You have taken
all the "mystery" out of setting up a blog.

"Holding" my hand and walking me through the
process step-by-step...well, let's just say that
you are NOT charging enough money for this
incredible info-but, don't go getting any
ideas, thank you :-)

The only "complaint" that I have is it's not
fast enough; by the time I finish one lesson I
can't wait to get my hands on the next! Great


Andrea had this to say:

This whole program has been a fabulous resource
for me. I began with Internet Marketing in
December 2008 and went through a month long course
about 3 months ago. It provided good content, but
a lot of it was not specific and it was only
taught through PDF format and then audio calls.
Her audio calls did not go into enough detail.

I got more information out of your videos than I
did out of the past 7 months searching for
information on Internet marketing and blogging on
my own. I knew nothing about audio and video and I
am glad that I was able to go through this
program. I took lots of notes!

The way you guys teach and put the information
together is so professional and polished, yet you
are so down to earth; it appears that you are very
approachable, as if someone meeting you on the
street would be able to stop you and have a nice
conversation. Very nice. I hope to emulate that
with my audios and videos when I am ready to
broadcast from my blog, which will hopefully begin

My plans now that I have finished with the video
series are to begin the audio series and then be
on the teleconferences. I also plan to be an
active member of the forum. I really love this
format and I have learned a lot from you guys. I
hope to "pick your brains" more in the forum and
also to learn from other forum members.

Thanks again for such pleasurable content. I am a
pleased customer - one for life!


Don't forget this program closes friday and it
will not open again in the current format.

You can join today at the special closing down
sale price here -

To your success,


P.S. Just because this course is closing
doesn't mean you have to study all now.

If you join this week you have ongoing access
and can study the materials as quickly - or
slowly - as you like.

The only condition is you have to decide by
friday or you won't be able to sign-up anymore.