Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Preparation to self-improvement: The 10 questions you should ask to yourself

The 10 questions you should ask to yourself

1. What do I really want?
The question of the ages. So many things you want to do with your life and so little time to even go about during the day.

Find something that you are good at can help realize that small step towards improvement. Diligence is the key to know that it is worth it.

2. Should I really change?
Today's generation has taken another level of redefining 'self', or at least that's what the kids now days are saying. Having an army of nieces and nephews has taught me that there are far worse things that they could have had than acne or maybe even promiscuity. So how does that fit into your lifestyle?

If history has taught us one thing, it's the life that we have gone through. Try to see if partying 70's style wouldn't appeal to the younger generation, but dancing is part of partying. Watch them applaud after showing them how to really dance than break their bones in break-dancing.

3. What's the bright side in all of this?
With so much is happening around us there seem to be no room for even considering that light at the end of the tunnel. We can still see it as something positive without undergoing so much scrutiny. And if it's a train at the end of the tunnel, take it for a ride and see what makes the world go round!

4. Am I comfortable with what I'm doing?
There's always the easy way and the right way when it comes to deciding what goes with which shoes, or purse, shirt and whatnot. It doesn't take a genius to see yourself as someone unique, or else we'll all be equally the same in everything we do. Variety brings in very interesting and exciting questions to be experimented.

5. Have I done enough for myself?
Have you, or is there something more you want to do? Discontentment in every aspect can be dangerous in large doses, but in small amounts you'll be able to see and do stuff you could never imagine doing.

6. Am I happy at where I am today?
It's an unfair question so let it be an answer! You love being a good and loving mom or dad to your kids, then take it up a notch! Your kids will love you forever. The same goes with everyday life!

7. Am I appealing to the opposite sex?
So maybe I don't have an answer to that, but that doesn't mean I can't try it, though. Whether you shape-up, change the way you wear your clothes or hair, or even your attitude towards people, you should always remember it will always be for your own benefit.

8. How much could I have?
I suppose in this case there is no such things on having things too much or too little, but it's more on how badly you really need it. I'd like to have lots of money, no denying that, but the question is that how much are you willing to work for it?

9. What motivates me?
What motivates you? It's an answer you have to find out for yourself. There are so many things that can make everyone happy, but to choose one of the things maybe the hardest part. It's not like you can't have one serving of your favorite food in a buffet and that's it. Just try it piece by piece.

10. What Really Makes You Tick?
So? What really makes you tick? You can be just about anything you always wanted to be, but to realize that attaining something that may seem very difficult is already giving up before you even start that journey.

Always remember, that self-improvement is not just about the physical or philosophical change you have to undergo, but it's something that you really want.


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Monday, December 26, 2011

Do you know all the traits in Sims Social Facebook game?

Do you know all the traits in Sims Social Facebook game?
Sims Social is the hottest Facebook game around these days even getting past Farmville. But the real fun from Sims Social comes from the various traits that you acquire for your online personality or Sim. Traits, in Sims Social, are different from the personality you choose. Traits highlight your individual style.
There are a total of nine traits available in the game and you could choose six of those for your Sim. For the beginning player there is only one slot for a trait. But none of the traits come for free. The cost of the traits in lifetime points vary. So, you have to earn lifetime points first. You could earn these ‘precious’ lifetime points by completing a mission, improving skill levels or improving your relationship level with other Sims out there.
Another interesting feature of the traits is that each has specific availability of upgrade levels. You also unlock some special new items at each new level you reach. Check out these traits and see if you have obtained your favorite six.
Great Kisser – Surely this is the most popular and sought-after trait in Sims Social. It promises great success in your online life in Sims Social and puts you behind by 150 lifetime points.
Insane – A unique trait, being ‘insane’ on Sims Social makes you downright silly but lot of fun all the time. You’re never the dull one to have around. Yet, it cuts back on social interaction so you could get along with having a few neighbors. You have to play 75 lifetime points to purchase this trait.
Ninja – You buy this trait for 150 lifetime points to turbocharge your online life in Sims Social. You can teleport yourself, move around with great speed and well, kind of be everywhere all the time!
Ogre – Want to make enemies instead of friends? Pick the Ogre trait. It will keep the best and the worst of people away from you. This trait allows your Sim to burp and fart. The other interesting feature of this trait is that you consume less energy cleaning up. The Ogre trait can be purchased for 100 lifetime points.
Slob: This is a completely messy trait that lets your Sim live in filth. Actually. Use 75 lifetime points to buy this trait and enjoy its various levels.
Steel Bladder – is available for 50 lifetime points and you don’t have to go to the washroom too quickly.
Neat: As the name implies, are finicky about neatness. Available for 100 lifetime points.
Super Mechanic – As evident by the name, could make anything out of junk. Quite a talented trait to process that could get you many friends. This trait is got for 50 lifetime points.
Night Owl – Needs very little sleep and comes for 50 lifetime points. This is one of those creative kind of traits that keeps you inspired for way longer than other traits. This is the perfect trait if you want to get down to honing special skills, abilities etc. http://tinyurl.com/simssoc

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Truth Behind the Mafia Wars Blueprint

The Mafia Wars Blueprint, the newest in a long line of recent game guide releases for Mafia Wars made its way to my desktop over the weekend and after giving it a read, I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone about how the newest in the current batch of game guides for the world's fastest growing social game turned out.

The Basics

The guide, very much like the other Mafia Wars guides, claims that it can help you learn how to be the better of the many, many mafia bosses out there. However, unlike a lot of those other guides, it doesn't waste time with very few details and a whole lot of common sense. There are some actually useful tips in this guide and that makes it a very appealing purchase for anyone who has ever spent more than 20 minutes trying to figure out what they were doing in Mafia Wars while their friends battered them senseless.

So, the early test was a positive one. But, how did the guide hold up upon further inspection? To my honest surprise, very well.

This guide is clearly written by someone who has spent a great deal of time mastering the art of building a mafia and dominating their opponents (something I am just becoming familiar with). They know exactly how to build a mafia family (and fast), and how to turn that family into the vehicle necessary to take down anyone that stands their way.

I've seen a lot of people make a lot of claims thus far with this game and to tell you the truth, they usually fall short, but Mafia Wars Blueprint really delivers.

The guide is about twice as long as the other ones on the market, is far more detailed in telling you exactly what you're supposed to be doing, and is updated regularly for anyone worried that they'll fall behind when Moscow hits the game.

So, if you're looking for a Mafia Wars guide, this should be the first (and last) one you check out. For what it promises, nothing else does better.  http://tinyurl.com/testgamer11

Monday, December 12, 2011

Can You Really Build Your Own Small Boat?

Can You Really Build Your Own Small Boat?
You would love to have a small boat of your own, but even a small boat can be expensive. Have you considered making your own? If you are willing to do the work yourself, you can not only save money, but rest assure knowing exactly how the boat was made. Many people are concerned that building a boat is much too hard to master or that it will take up too much time. If you start small, however, you may find those fears allayed.
If you want to achieve your most desired results, you must realize that one of the most important decisions you will make will be the consideration of materials. If you want to end up with a high-quality boat, you have to start with the same fine materials you would use in the construction of a full-sized boat.
For best results, find a guide that will walk you through each necessary step to build a small boat when you are ready to plan. A great place to find boat guides is—where else?—the Internet. From free plans to downloadable libraries, you’re almost sure to find the right boat plan for you. You must also realize that a project such as this will take up a large amount of time. Don’t think that you’ll be able to finish it in one week unless it is a model boat! Determining if you will have enough free time to work on your boat before you begin is essential.
Choosing which construction method to use is also crucial. If you are a novice, plywood boat-building methods such as stitch-and-glue may be best to start with. If you are looking for more of a challenge, a conventional wooden plank model may be just the thing. From there, you will need to choose which type of craft to apply the construction method to and the waters the boat will be used on.
For example, a Jon boat makes a good fishing vessel. If you would like a boat less than 10 feet in size that you will use in calm waters near the shoreline, a dinghy may be just the right boat for you. As a bonus, once you have mastered building small boats, you will be able to use your knowledge to larger boats. In time, your small boat may grow into a large hobby to enjoy for years to come. http://tinyurl.com/dboatplan

Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Tips for a Successful Entrepreneurial Pitch

One of the hardest presentations to make is the entrepreneurial pitch. You have a great idea for a business and you want someone to give you money to make it happen. The problem is that venture capitalists, angel investors, and even rich uncles are heavily predisposed against you. Why? Because 99% of the pitches they hear sound like sure-fire prescriptions to lose money!

If you are pitching investors to give you money for a new venture, you should subscribe to the following rules:

1. Explain exactly what your business is within the first thirty seconds. Many entrepreneurs waste valuable time giving loads of data, background and other info—all the while investors are left scratching their heads thinking “What does this business actually DO?”

2. Tell your audience who your customers will be. Paint a vivid, specific picture of these people.

3.  Explain why your customers going to give you there hard-earned money.

4. Explain who your competitors are. (And if you say you have no competitors, that is a certain sign you are unsophisticated and deserve no investment money!)

5. Explain why you are the ONE to make this happen.

6. Give your presentation with confidence and enthusiasm. Investors want a founder/CEO to be a chief salesperson; they want to see that you can convince the world of your dream—not just them.

7. Explain what star you can hitch a ride to. Has Best Buy or Radio Shack agreed to distribute your new product? Investors feel much more comfortable knowing you have an established player willing to distribute your wares.

8. Ask for a specific amount of money. If all you do is ask for money, then you can’t complain if an investor gives you $3.25 for a cup of Starbucks coffee.

9. Tell prospects exactly what you are going to spend the money on (hint:a trip to Maui for you and your friends will not impress)

10. Dress well, act confident, and put on the air that you don’t really need their money, but would be willing to accept it if they bring enough to the table to be a strategic partner for you. Sad but true regarding human nature, but people are much more likely to give you money if they feel you don’t really need it.

Finally, make each pitch presentation serve as a focus group for your next presentation. When one group of investors asks you a series of questions after you pitch, write down all of those questions and make sure most of them are answered in your next pitch so that the next group doesn’t have to ask them. Keep pitching and keep improving your pitch and eventually you may get funded.

Understanding your own mind

Understanding your own mind

The route of all insecurity stems from your own mind. Insecurity might be implanted in the minds' of many individuals by negative influences in their life, but ultimately it's up to each individual person to decide whether they let that influence their lives.

1. Think about all the negative people in your childhood

2. Think about what motives they have for giving your commentary

3. Develop an ideal that you think you represent

4. Attempt to become that ideal

5. If those same people criticize you for change, make a judgement on their agenda

Often times personal development may be stunted by a parent or caretaker. This can either be due to the caretaker's insecurities, or possibly simply a foul attitude. No matter the situation, it is your duty to rise above what you feel are your own limitations.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brain Evolution System ("BrainEv")

It calls itself the "most powerful self-development technology on earth."

Just slip on a pair of headphones for instant energy, sharper thinking and total relaxation. At least, that's what the box says.

Yes, I'm talking about the Brain Evolution System ("BrainEv") - a 6-CD brainwave meditation program that has been taking the self-development industry by storm since its release back in 2006.

On the surface, its goals seems similar to Holosync, Optimindzation, and other similar brainwave CDs. The intention is to help lower your brainwaves - guiding you into a deep state of mind, so you can quickly enjoy the many benefits of long-term meditation.

But, as many of us have found out, many of these CDs simply don't work. They require massive amounts of time, massive amounts of cash, and can be incredibly, incredibly boring.

So was BrainEv really any better? I put it to the test.

For six whole weeks, I tried out the program. Listening for 30 minutes a day, six times a week, I gave it a truly fair trial.

Yet strangely, unlike other programs, I almost instantly felt a difference with BrainEv.

That's not really something I like to share. As a near-veteran in the self-development world, it's rare to discover something that can have such profoundly immediate effects.

However, without a doubt, after each session, I felt more in control, more focused and more relaxed.

It's hard to describe exactly: I felt a shift in my overall state, rather than feeling like a "different" person.

Within the first week, I was feeling more energetic overall. Despite typically sleeping for nine hours each night and STILL feeling groggy, I was now sleeping just six - and waking up feeling great. My mind was feeling sharper than ever before, and I could sense a greater level of awareness.

Being a closet sceptic, I tried not to credit the change to BrainEv - but there's no denying that it all started the moment I began the program.

Shifting in a few weeks, and friends began talking about my apparent new-found sense of well-being. I had close buddies comment on my "soaring energy levels" and "obvious Zen calmness." These are things that can't be scientifically measured - but are most definitely seen and felt.

The support videos, follow-up e-mail messages and online support all made the journey even more enjoyable. It's nice to see a company using modern media to communicate - rather than newsletters in the post, or long-distance telephone calls when you have queries.

After my first month, I shifted to Level 2.

Initially, those oh-so-relaxing sounds seemed much more confusing. I'd become so familiar with Level 1. Within a couple of days, those sounds became my new nirvana - and I really felt them gently working out my brain muscle for me.

Two weeks into Level 2, and I'm finding myself thinking faster than before, enjoying a greatly improved memory, feeling totally stress-free (something I could never completely do before), and being more creative and imaginative than ever.

And you know something? I did bad...

Because when I set out to review the Brain Evolution System, I had already categorized it alongside Holosync, Hemi-Sync, Optimindzation, and all of the other brainwave entrainment products out there.

But I was wrong. BrainEv is very different.

Is the Brain Evolution System truly the most powerful self-development tool in the world?

I don't know about that. But it's certainly the most powerful brainwave meditation program I'VE ever stumbled across.

My verdict: 11 out of 10!! Great program, amazing benefits, beats all the competitors. Highly recommended! A+++

Click here to visit the official website!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Conquer Your Fears

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by fear - so much so that it prevented you from doing something you wanted to do?  Believe it or not, this is a common problem faced by many people daily.

Fear has the power to hold you back from taking risks, following your dreams, or becoming successful at anything you attempt to do.  If you allow it to control you for long enough, it can eventually erode your quality of life and keep you locked in a prison of inactivity.

What many people fail to realize is that fear is nothing more than a conditioned response.  It's a natural reaction to a frightening or unfamiliar situation.  While it is usually automatic, there are things you can do to overcome it.

1)  Check your expectations.

One major contributor of fear is the prevalence of negative expectations.  Do you usually find yourself expecting the worst in every situation?  Do you worry obsessively about what could go wrong, rather than focusing on your strengths and capabilities?

If you make a conscious effort to expect the best, see the positive side of each situation and keep reminding yourself that you can handle more than you often think, you'll find yourself with much less fear to deal with.  Even if feelings of fear do manage to creep into your consciousness, you'll still be able to keep them in perspective and balance them against an underlying sense of confidence.

2)  Discredit your fears.

Experts will tell you that the majority of things you fear will never come to pass anyway.  While this may be true, it sure doesn't feel that way when fear has a chokehold on you!  However, if you look a little more closely at your fears when they arise, you may be able to dismiss at least a few.

For example, if you have a fear of public speaking and your boss wants you to give a presentation at work, you might feel like your life (and perhaps your livelihood) is on the line.  You may fear getting fired, or worry that your colleagues will lose respect for you if you don't do a good job.

But is any of this likely to happen?  In most cases, no.  Rather than worrying about what "might" happen if you don't give a solid presentation, you might brainstorm ways to help improve your performance, such as being well prepared, practicing your delivery on friends and family members, writing notes to yourself and so on.

3)  Do the very thing you fear.

When you remember that fear is simply a feeling, it loses much of its power.  It can't harm you and except in truly threatening situations you can choose to ignore it and move forward anyway.

If you weigh the pros and cons in any situation, you may decide that the possibility of negative consequences is minimal so there's nothing to stop you from ignoring your fear and going for it!  This will be determined by you on a case by case basis, of course.  The point isn't to become reckless with your decision-making but rather to empower yourself to know when a fear is groundless and easily overcome.


A closer look at work from home

There is no denying in the tremendous increase in the number of online businesses in the past 10 years, not only in the USA, but just about any place where computers can be accessed easily. As we all know that, among many online businesses run by good and honest people, there are some online businesses run by bad and unscrupulous people whose primary objective is to con money out of unsuspecting naive people who are desperately looking online for jobs due to their circumstances such as being a stay-home-parent with kids, wheelchair bound, or whatever their unique circumstances could be that made them think that online jobs made more sense. I decided to look around online, about 2 years ago, after seeing so many popups about home based jobs such as paid online surveys, freelance jobs, etc to see if they were another one of online schemes to rip you off. After I signed up with many of them, of course I couldn't check all, and receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of junk emails from them I was able to tell which ones were good and bad. As in real life, we have to be careful and take some precautions by finding out if there is a physical address of business or a phone number or even by checking it out on BBB.org (Better Business Bureau) online before typing in our sensitive information.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Great Importance of Doing Business with Ethics

For most people, money makes the world go round and business bears that money.  Businessmen will perhaps do anything just to achieve the ultimate goal of having a business, and that is to earn income. Net profit or income financially means a surplus of sales or revenues after deducting costs and expenses. Whether you are engage in profession, occupation, work or trade, you are in business and you speak income. When you earn an income you suffer taxes, the worst nightmare for every income earners. Income tax is your punishment of doing well in business. This sounds ridiculous but this is the reality, you pay when you earn. Because tax is legislative, noncompliance to this would results to crimes. This thing called income tax had already made billions of liars around the world. Some governments imposed taxes which are already too much to burden the flow of business. Others make tax laws that are already beyond the ability of taxpayers. However these facts must not result in the existence of enormous number of dishonest people in the world. 

Ethics in business rarely exists nowadays. Perhaps it is because for most people, profit will come without the need of business ethics. This, I don't agree. The word ethics is derived from the Greek word ethos, which means "character," and from the Latin word mores, which means "customs." According to the encyclopedia ethics is the branch of philosophy that defines what is good for the individual and for society and establishes the nature of obligations, or duties, that people owe themselves and one another. Maybe ethics is not needed to earn profit if you define profit or income as money. But deeply speaking, business is not just for money. Yes it is definitely for profit, but profit is not just financial profit. We need profit that will not just sustain our pocket or our stomach. Significantly, we also need profits that will feed our hearts and soul. Considering that we are great businessmen, we should extend our minds to this principle. We need business ethics to earn these high valued profits. We must be concerned to the virtue of our character and to the common good. 

Your business is not just for the survival of your life on Earth but it can also be your road to the survival of your soul. If you're in business and had a company, you can help your employees by providing them enough salaries and other benefits that will make their lives better. You can be honest and pay your exact tax for the government who will eventually use it for your country's development. (Assuming your government is straight and not corrupt) But don't mind them, be honest even others are not. We are talking here your soul survival and not theirs. You can also serve your customers by providing them their needs and giving them convenience. Customer care is so important for your customers as also important for your business to earn public trust and loyalty. If you build infrastructures for your company you contribute to the development of your place in terms of buildings and infrastructures. When you got ethics in business you practice fair business competition. Fair business competition is a challenge for every business to improve the qualities of their products and services, and the end benefits are to the consumers.

Doing business with clean conscience is doing business with good night sleeps. It is also doing business with gladness of your heart and soul. Gratitude will come to you and you will become a stress free businessman if you do business with ethics. These and other spiritual profits will straightly come to you and the good thing on this is you are not taxed on this kind of profits. As an extraordinary businessman, you do not only set your long-term goals for 10 years or for a life time. You must also consider eternity and set goals to achieve profits that will benefit your soul. You need profits that last forever, profits that will give us everlasting life and happiness, and profits that will earn us the key to heaven.  These profits will benefits us in the short run, midterm run, long run and eternal run, as God is great from the beginning and unto the never-ending. 

Do business and believe in God. Building our business in God's place is like building it in rocks which are in great foundations. Let us be kind and grateful to our employees as they are our best assets. Let's give them bread and they will give us a ham sandwich. Let us have huge care to our customers as they are our best revenue generators. Let's give them good price, high quality products and best services and they will give us their respect and loyalty. Let us be fair to our competitors as they are our great motivators. Let us give them fair game and they will give us the true meaning of winning. Let us be thankful to our Father Almighty God as He is our greatest business partner. Let's serve Him and He will give us joy and peace of mind.

How save and make money

If you save money, the money will save you

The problem with most peoples finances today is that they are not getting enough income to satisfy their needs and wants. People are naturally going to buy things they want even if it means spending more than they have (credit cards), and they know in the back of their minds that they cant afford it, but they will get it anyway. I think people will develop their own budgeting scheme when their income meets their wants then they will be budgeting masters, all by their selves. But till then there will ALWAYS be people in debt no matter how much you preach!

I think a solution to some people money problem is to teach them how to make extra money first, and then teach them how to budget and save it. Americans really don't want that much; it is the hobbies that get people in trouble, bills, spending too much on golf clubs, car parts, computers, things around the house etc.

I don't know about you but this is how I feel about life. Right now, I am working a 9 to 5 job making $3200 monthly. I don't want to be stuck knowing that I will be 'working' for the rest of my life, taking orders from bosses, putting up with BS and other peoples attitude, having to get up in the morning when I want to sleep in and that fear of getting fired. Currently, I am in this situation but will not be soon. There are people right now making well over $20,000/monthly working for their selves and they are everyday people that you see walking their dog, in supermarkets or even that person arguing with the McDonalds cashier. If these people ever do go back to work for someone else they can do it "stress free" even if the job is stressful (think about that). 

Before, you can work for yourself you have to decide one thing: If you really want that responsibility. If you said yes, you have gotten over the biggest hurdle and you will not be limited to the income your employer is giving you. I know what I am about to say will be over simplistic but I will save the details for you to research on your own. Here is a breakdown

1st: determine if you really want self-employment
2nd: decide what area of business you want or good at.
3rd: If step 2 requires money, their are program out there that can help you get started in internet business, selling or something else before you start in what you want to do. For example, "I want to own a photography shop but it costs $10,000 to get started. Well, if I sell product A for a year I can do it". You never know, whatever you get into before your dream business may make you $50,000 a month and you may forget all about that photography shop. I can help you here too.
4th Research, research and do more research. Find out what you competition is. Find out how much money they are making. Find out where they are advertising. Find out what it takes to get started. Find out where your customer are etc, etc, etc..research
5th EXECUTE!! I mean once you have confidence go do it.

They say that 90% of home businesses fail for the first time. And you may fail, but all you have to do is try and try again, please don't give up. Believe me, you will get it right and when you do, you will be very successful. The percentage of people who fail for the second and third time is much lower than the first timers. Well sorry to talk yall half to death, I can go on and on about this stuff.

Why Business Credit Is A MUST For Every Business Owner

As an entrepreneur, you're hardwired to enjoy a greater level of risk than the average person. But do you enjoy the thrill of business and investing so much that you're willing to risk: 

-Being hounded by creditors?
-Declaring bankruptcy?
-Being denied a mortgage?
-Paying more than your fair share of interest on your loans?
-Losing your house?

If you answered "no" to one or more of these questions, this may be the most important report you've read in a long time.

Because, if you're like most entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners I've met over the past 28 years, you're in danger of facing all of these horrific problems.

And it's all because of your business.

You see, entrepreneurs typically make one or more financially devastating mistakes when financing the launch, operation and/or growth of their businesses. In most cases, they don't realize that they're making a mistake. 

And to tell the truth, even when they do realize they're making a mistake … they lull themselves into thinking that the consequences will be a minor annoyance. 

Until, one day, they can't qualify for a mortgage. Or they can't get the to-die-for financing offered on the new car they're buying. Or they're hounded by creditors and eventually have to declare bankruptcy.

And it is all because they use their personal finances to fund the launch or expansion of their business. They then use personal credit cards to pay for business expenses. If you are in business or thinking about starting a business, business credit is a must. 

Let me explain, most business owner have no idea that they can establish business credit and even fewer know how to how to establish business credit. If owners would take the time necessary to educate themselves about establishing credit they would no longer have to use their personal funds for start up capital or working capital. 

They would also be able to use business credit cards which don't report to their personal credit reports, therefore, not lowering the personal credit scores.

The most important goal of business credit though is to obtain unsecured business lines of credit, which can be done once the business credit profile is set up properly. Once a business obtains unsecured business lines of credit, they then have the working capital they need to start a business or expand their business. The business owner has check book control to use the business lines of credit as they wish. And best of all, the business lines of credit don't report to the business owner's personal credit report.

If you have set up your business profile correctly there are a number of banks that will lend to brand new start up business. That is right, brand new start up business with no track record whatsoever. The banks will extend unsecured business lines of credit so they can have the start up capital they need to finance the business of their dreams. 

Make no mistake about it; business credit is a MUST for every business owner. Don't put your personal assets at risk finance or fund your business!

Are You A Know-All Or No-All?

Expert or Generalist - what are you? Are you one who will know more and more about one subject and less and less about others? Or you are one who knows something about everything? Those of us who are experts are surprised that some people on the earth are generalists and vice-versa. But both the breeds exist on our earth. What are you? Which type is better?

Let us take example of medicine. For example if someone gets fever, he/she cannot approach a specialist, because they would not know which specialty is concerned. In this case they will have to first consult a generalist and after that if needed go to a specialist. 

The problem arises when one is a total generalist in his/her profession/work/business. No growth can take place here because if you are in retail but know as much about retail as you know about export procedures, that will be of no help. Slowly you will have to develop expertise in retail to succeed.

Similarly, if you are an expert in retailing but know nothing about other professions, that will hurt your interests. You will find it difficult to grow because retail does not grow alone. It has to get support of other specialties also such as manufacturing. 

What is the best way? The best option would be to develop expertise in one trade/profession and get related knowledge of other professions, which will be needed to grow in your chosen field.

7 Surprisingly Quick And Easy Ways To Feel Happier

All of us have days when we're out of sorts. You just wish you were in a better mood.  You've had days like that, haven't you? Perhaps you tried to get yourself into a better state of mind but struggled to achieve it.

Sometimes we get stuck in our own emotional dumps and forget how easy it is to feel happier, so here are seven simple ways to lift your mood. Many people have found them useful. Some of them may surprise you!

1. Go for a walk.

Most people know that going for a short daily walk is one of the best forms of exercise. When you are feeling down it is even more beneficial. If you can, go into a natural environment with plants and birds. Can you think of such a setting not? What do you notice first? The different shades of greenery, the fresh  smell of country air, the sounds of birds, or the sunlight shining through the trees? Make it real by taking a short stroll.

2. Listen to quality music.

Music can shift a listener's state within moments. It's effect can be nearly magical. Dig out that CD you haven't listened to in ages or tune in your radio to something you've never listened to before.

3. Open yourself to discovering something new.

Read something (printed, not on line) different than what you would normally watch. There are a ton of different types of magazines can you get these days. Visit your local library or browse through a magazine rack.  Pick up or buy a magazine you wouldn't normally buy. You may discover something wonderful.

4. Find something to laugh at.

Laughter is one of the best ways to lift your spirits. Find a humorous book, or watch a comedy. Even better, try to learn a few new jokes and tell them to others.  

5. Simple breathing meditation.

Breathing meditation is a great exercise that you can do anywhere.  Simply allow yourself to sit comfortably with your back straight. Now close your eyes and become aware of the flow of air into and out of your nostrils. That's all there is to it. Do this for 10-15 minutes. Notice how pleasantly surprised you can be at how you feel afterward.

6. Doodling for the fun of it.

Most people can remember when they were young and used to doodle for hours. Kids love drawing silly little pictures. Drawing is not just for kids or artists.  Whoever you are get some pens, pencils, crayons or whatever you have and just draw for the fun of it. Notice how your state of mind shifts.

7. Think of others less fortunate.

The fact that you are reading this article suggests that you are probably much better off than most people on this planet. At times this may be hard to believe, but if you can read and have access to the internet, just those two things alone means you are better off than most people in the world.  There are many human beings that barely have access to the basics of survival. There are people in lots of pain. Allow your compassion for them to grow.

These are all pretty simple. There's nothing profound or life changing, but when all you need is a quick pick me up these may be just the thing you need. Putting simple ideas, methods, tools and techniques into action will help you achieve change more quick and easily--surprisingly so at time-- than you imagine.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our unique responsibility

From: Ricken Patel - Avaaz.org
Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 6:53 PM
Subject: Our unique responsibility

Dear fellow Avaazers,

Click below to buy the world a cup of coffee:

It is wonderful to finally be able to unite with other people on this planet, to stand up, to be heard. I am so happy and so proud to be part of Avaaz. Sometimes I can't believe this is really happening! THANK YOU…from the bottom of my heart to all the people who are part of this movement, united in a common spirit.
-- Alexandra, Avaaz member from Germany
Something big is happening. From Tahrir Square to Wall St., from staggeringly brave Avaaz citizen journalists in Syria to millions of citizens winning campaign after campaign online, democracy is stirring. Not the media-circus, corrupt, vote-every-4-years democracy of the past. Something much, much deeper. Deep within ourselves, we are realizing our own power to build the world we all dream of.

We don't have a lot of time to do it. Our planet is threatened by multiple crises - a climate crisis, food crisis, financial crisis, proliferation crisis... These crises could split us apart like never before, or bring us together like never before. It's the challenge of our time, and the outcome will determine whether our children face a darker world or one thriving in greater human harmony.

This is our challenge to meet. With 10 million hopeful citizens and rising, Avaaz is the largest global online community in history. There is no other massive, high-tech, people-powered, multi-issue, genuinely global advocacy organization that can mobilize coordinated democratic pressure in hundreds of countries within 24 hours. Our potential is unique, and so is our responsibility.

It's amazing, but just 10,000 of us make our entire community possible with a small weekly donation of $3 or $5, the price of a cup of coffee, that funds all of Avaaz's core expenses. But to rise to this moment and win it, we need to accelerate -- by doubling our number of weekly 'sustainers' to 20,000, and doubling our capacity to do everything we do. Click below to make it happen and buy the world a cup of coffee:


Making a small but steady weekly contribution enables Avaaz to plan responsibly around long term costs like our tiny but awesome staff team, our website and technology, and the security of our systems (this can get pricey when our campaigns are taking on shady characters!). It also means we have the ability to respond immediately to crises as they occur and jump on opportunities for action without delay.

A very small donation of $3 or $5 per week from 10,000 more sustainers would enable our community to expand all our work next year, helping to save lives in humanitarian emergencies, protect the environment and wildlife, support democracy and fight corruption, push for peace and reduce poverty.

Donating to Avaaz has a double-impact -- because our donations not only make change now by empowering particular campaigns, every contribution builds our community that will be making change for decades to come. It's an investment with both immediate and long term results for our children's and our planet's future. Click here to contribute:


Fundraising is often a problem for social change organizations. Government or corporate funding would profoundly threaten our mission. Funding from large donors also often comes with strings attached. And high-pressure tactics like telemarketing, postal mail, or direct on-the-street programmes often cost nearly as much as they raise! That's why the Avaaz model - online, people-powered donations - is the best way in the world to power an engine of social change, and a huge part of our community's promise.

If we can multiply the number of sustainers we have, it will take our community, and our impact, to a whole new level. I can't wait.

I know that donating is an act of hope, and of trust. I feel a huge and serious sense of responsibility to be a steward of that hope, and my team and I are deeply committed to respecting the trust you place in us with your hope, time, and resources. It's a special thing we're building here, and if we can keep believing in each other, anything is possible.

With hope and gratitude for this amazing community,

Ricken Patel

PS - In case you're mulling it over, here's 11 more reasons to donate to Avaaz :)

Reason 1 – What we do Works

With 10 million members in every nation of the world, able to mobilize at a moment's notice to pressing needs and opportunities, Avaaz works –- together we've saved lives in Haiti and Burma, reversed government policies from Brazil to Japan, and won victories on international treaties from banning cluster bombs to preserving oceans. Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown says of Avaaz "You have driven forward the idealism of the world... do not underestimate your impact on leaders," while the Economist says Avaaz is "poised to deliver a deafening wake up call to world leaders," and Al Gore says "Avaaz is inspiring, and has already made a difference." We're only 5 years old and growing fast, and the more our members get involved and donate, the more impact we have.

Make a donation here: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/sustain_avaaz_o/?vl

Reason 2 – An Avaaz donation is an investment with permanent social change returns

With Avaaz, our donations fund high impact campaigns that also recruit more people. More people means more donations, and more impact. So you're not only achieving a particular change with your donation, you're helping grow a community with new members that will multiply your donation many times over, and be a permanent and ever-increasing source of change. It's a tremendous philanthropic value to have this kind of double and permanent impact.

Reason 3 – We have no bureaucracy

Avaaz is a massive network of citizens, but our organization is absolutely tiny – just 20 full time campaigners with operational and technology support. Most large global NGOs have hundreds or even thousands of staff. Our small size means we have no time for red tape, layers of management, or being focused on anything but getting results.

Reason 4 – We're regularly audited, and fiscally responsible

There's a lot of fear out there about misuse of donated money. Most of the fear is misplaced – most organizations are filled with good people trying to do good things. With Avaaz you can be sure – partly because we're required by law to be audited every 12 months. This audit thoroughly checks every aspect of our books and financial practices. We've been audited 4 times since we launched and every time been given a squeaky clean bill of health (for details, click here).

Reason 5 – We have a world-class team that does outstanding work

Campaigning, advocacy and social change are a serious and demanding business – the more competent the team, the more impact our donations have. Avaaz attracts some of the best campaigners and advocates in the world. Many of our campaign directors joined us after being CEOs of successful multi-million dollar advocacy organizations, and most have degrees from the top universities in the world.

Donate now: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/sustain_avaaz_o/?vl

Reason 6 – We're 100% Independent

Avaaz takes absolutely no money from governments or corporations. This is hugely important to ensuring that our voice is exclusively determined by the values of our members, and not by any large funder or agenda. While we received initial seed grants from partner organizations and charitable organizations, 100% of the Avaaz budget now comes from small online donations. This means that the only agenda we have to follow is the people's agenda.

Reason 7 – We pass the money on when it makes sense, and give to the best efforts

Avaaz has donated more than $5 million to other organizations, because we saw them as better placed than us to have impact on a particular issue. For example, we've granted $1.6 million to Burmese monks and aid groups, $1.3 million to Haitian aid organizations (see this video from the groups that received our donations), and more than $1million to relief organisations in Pakistan. The way we support organizations is important too. Most foundations have endless process and constraints that make them slow, bureaucratic and risk averse in supporting advocacy. Avaaz finds the best people and organizations and doesn't micromanage them – we just empower them to do what they know best.

Reason 8 – We're political (this really matters)

Most charities offer tax deductibility for donations. But this means that they are, in a way, partially tax-payer funded, and governments use that to place a very thick set of rules on what they can and can't do. Chief among them is restricting what they can say to criticize, support, or oppose a politician. Avaaz is very rare in that our donations are not tax deductible, leaving us 100% free to say and do whatever we need to to get leaders to listen to people. Since so many important issues are won and lost in the political realm, this makes us much more effective than advocacy groups that shy away from speaking out politically.

Reason 9 – We go where the greatest needs and opportunities are

Most organizations focus on a single issue over a long period of time. This is very important to do, but that can mean that when desperate needs or amazing opportunities for social change arise, they get ignored because everyone is working on their own issue. Avaaz campaigns target the most urgent needs and opportunities, showing up just when a powerful burst of citizens' attention is needed most. We work continuously with top quality partners in the areas we campaign on, and all describe Avaaz as an amazing added value to their work.

Click to donate: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/sustain_avaaz_o/?vl

Reason 10 – Democratic accountability is hard-wired into our model

The Avaaz model of campaigning is people-powered. Our priorities are set at annual and weekly levels by polls of our membership and every campaign we run is first polled with members. No matter how much work we put into developing a campaign, if it fails to get the greenlight from members, we don't run it. So on a day to day basis, how we spend the donations we receive is determined directly by members.

Reason 11 – There's no other organization like us

Avaaz is the world's first and only massive, high-tech, people-powered, multi-issue, genuinely global advocacy organization. In a world where the problems we face are consistently global, and the solutions to them increasingly require global democratic action, Avaaz is uniquely placed to effect change. No other organization can rapidly mobilize large-scale, coordinated democratic pressure in over 150 countries within 24 hours. A new model of internet-based, people-powered politics has changed politics in several countries, and Avaaz is taking that proven model global. The result is already the largest global online movement in history, and we're just getting started.

Make a secure donation to Avaaz: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/sustain_avaaz_o/?vl

Avaaz.org is a 10-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 13 countries on 4 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

To contact Avaaz, please do not reply to this email. Instead, write to us at www.avaaz.org/en/contact or call us at +1-888-922-8229 (US).

Friday, July 29, 2011

Did I ever tell you how I lost my job?

"Did I ever tell you how I lost my job?"
- By Daegan Smith

I think the story will be insightful ...

There I was minding my business and I get a call on my new cell phone. Not a number I recognized, but I picked it up anyways.

It was the CEO of the company I was working for with a message.

I thought it was strange that the CEO was calling me out of the blue, it hadn't happened before so I knew something was up.

In a five minute conversation I was told the company was downsizing and that I had two choices.

One to work for minimum wage or two to leave with one months severance pay.

He called halfway into the month and said these changes were taking place the beginning of next month.

So much for company loyalty right?

I had worked there for 2 years and that was the notice I was given.

Sink or swim right?

Now luckily for me, and little known to him, I had an internet business running on the side that was doing about $20,000 a month at that point so I didn't sweat it much.

But that's how it went down.

No real security in the J.O.B. world.

The only real security you really have in life is finding opportunity, seeing it for what it is, and going after it with all you got.

I see no greater opportunity in this world than the merging of the internet and network marketing.

How else can I guy make $20,000 per month on the side working a few hours a day undetected.

Get started now no matter what position you might be in, the truth is your future depends on it. Here's how:


To the top,

Farizal Kamal

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Imprisoned Afghan Women Deserve Due Process

His Excellency President Hamid Karzai and the Honorable President of the United States of America, Barack Obama,

I am writing to you to express my concern for the incarcerated women and children in the Republic of Afghanistan. While I respect the cultural differences of our countries, I ask that Afghan women accused of moral crimes be granted the full extent of equality and due process as mandated by international rule of law.

The Quran teaches that men and women are spiritually equal before God. Afghanistan's constitution designates the government provide education for women. By law, the Meshrano Jirga should contain 50 percent women. Most importantly, the Afghan Congress ratified the Elimination of Violence Against Women Act (EVAW) in 2009, criminalizing the traditions of forced and underage marriage, enslavement or physical and mental abuse. According to the US State Department, seventy-five percent of the Afghan women in prison are condemned for cultural practices protected from punishment by EVAW.

The rights and fate of these women and children depend upon the vigilance of the leaders of the free world as much as President Karzai. Political and diplomatic agreement is imperative in order to end this harrowing practice of gender-based injustice. The Republic of Afghanistan will never be respected as strong and independent if its women are not.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can’t Sleep? Insomnia Causes, Cures, and Treatments

The more trouble you have with sleep, the more it starts to invade your thoughts. You may dread going to sleep because you just know that you’re going to toss and turn for hours or be up at 2 a.m. again. Or maybe you’re worried because you have a big day tomorrow, and if you don’t get a solid 8 hours, you’re sure you’ll blow it. But agonizing and expecting sleep difficulties only makes insomnia worse. Worrying about getting to sleep or how tired you’re going to be floods your body with adrenaline, and before you know it, you’re wide-awake.
Can’t Sleep? Insomnia Causes, Cures, and Treatments

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Become A Blogger is closing

I just got word from famous blogger
Yaro Starak that he and video expert
Gideon Shalwick are closing their
very popular blogging video course.

It's called Become A Blogger Premium
and teaches absolute beginners how to
make money with blogs by following a
proven formula.

The course contains over 50 step-by-step
training videos, instructional audios,
a roadmap report and coaching calls
with Yaro and Gideon.

THE IMPORTANT PART: the program in its current
format closes forever on friday and there is
a special closing down discount if you join
this week.

The page to join at the discount price is -


Here's what you will discover as you study the course -

* How to set up a blog from scratch
* Optimize your blog for free traffic from search engines
* Install plugins-including which ones you shouldn't be without
* Locate and insert images into your blog
* Add AUDIO and VIDEO to your blog
* Produce "magnetic" content
* Market your blog through MULTIPLE traffic sources
* What methods to use to make the most money
* and much, much more!

This course has been studied by thousands of
members already over the last two years, so
it is tested material with many success stories.

Here are some comments other members have sent in...


From Ken:

I am 59, going on 30 (I wish), I am just getting
in to this blogging stuff, and I am intending to
spread my knowledge of the Plumbing and Welding
Industry I have gained in the past 43 years. I am
very impressed with your style and the easy to
understand methods in the Videos. Your
instructional skills are second to none. I am a
bit of a hard copy freak, and I like that you are
able to print out the instructions as well.

Top work Gideon and Yaro, keep it coming.


James said...

You guys have outdone yourselves! You have taken
all the "mystery" out of setting up a blog.

"Holding" my hand and walking me through the
process step-by-step...well, let's just say that
you are NOT charging enough money for this
incredible info-but, don't go getting any
ideas, thank you :-)

The only "complaint" that I have is it's not
fast enough; by the time I finish one lesson I
can't wait to get my hands on the next! Great


Andrea had this to say:

This whole program has been a fabulous resource
for me. I began with Internet Marketing in
December 2008 and went through a month long course
about 3 months ago. It provided good content, but
a lot of it was not specific and it was only
taught through PDF format and then audio calls.
Her audio calls did not go into enough detail.

I got more information out of your videos than I
did out of the past 7 months searching for
information on Internet marketing and blogging on
my own. I knew nothing about audio and video and I
am glad that I was able to go through this
program. I took lots of notes!

The way you guys teach and put the information
together is so professional and polished, yet you
are so down to earth; it appears that you are very
approachable, as if someone meeting you on the
street would be able to stop you and have a nice
conversation. Very nice. I hope to emulate that
with my audios and videos when I am ready to
broadcast from my blog, which will hopefully begin

My plans now that I have finished with the video
series are to begin the audio series and then be
on the teleconferences. I also plan to be an
active member of the forum. I really love this
format and I have learned a lot from you guys. I
hope to "pick your brains" more in the forum and
also to learn from other forum members.

Thanks again for such pleasurable content. I am a
pleased customer - one for life!


Don't forget this program closes friday and it
will not open again in the current format.

You can join today at the special closing down
sale price here - http://tinyurl.com/6f6ud9b

To your success,


P.S. Just because this course is closing
doesn't mean you have to study all now.

If you join this week you have ongoing access
and can study the materials as quickly - or
slowly - as you like.

The only condition is you have to decide by
friday or you won't be able to sign-up anymore.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

AdSense Secrets 5.0 Just Released!

Joel Comm is back with the best!

For nearly six years, AdSense Secrets by Joel Comm has been the definitive guide to making money with Google AdSense.

Thousands of people have read his ebooks and implemented his strategies for generating passive income with their websites.

When this book first came out buyers were astonished when they made the tiny changes Joel recommended and saw their Adsense earnings skyrocket.

The last edition was released in 2008, but Joel just announced the brand new 5th edition of AdSenseSecrets!

This massive ebook has been completely revised and updated for 2011, and it contains all the latest strategies for making money with AdSense.

If you think placement is all that matters, think again.

There's a lot more to maximizing your AdSense revenues and click thru rates.

You will also receive lifetime access to the official member site which contains many bonuses.

Including videos of Joel speaking on stage, webinars, tutorial videos and bonus reports.

It's an incredible deal at a really low price.

And this is refreshing, no exit popups.

Get the most popular AdSense ebook ever with loads of video bonuses at:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

FBAutoCash Review... Hype or Hit?

** FBAutoCash Review... Hype or Hit? **

URL: http://FBAutoCash.com/1104

I had the chance to review FBAutoCash at the weekend... a
brand new course by Mark Anastasi, a successful online
marketer from Cyprus (a small island in the Mediterranean).

He makes millions of dollars as an affiliate, a seminar
host and promoter, and a top JV partner for most of the
big launches that have occurred in 2010 and 2011... but I
had no idea that he was involved in Facebook in any way,
until recently.

Anyway, the course claims that he makes at least $35,000
every month promoting on Facebook.  I've seen a few
claims of people making money with the social media
giant, and I've always been skeptical -- for one, Facebook
Ad costs are SO high ($1+ per click for most markets) and
two, I've personally found it difficult to turn those visitors
into BUYERS since everyone is there to chat and check in
with friends... not buy!

So while there are plenty of claims of making money with social
media, much of it seems to be from the 'indirect'
benefits that are obtained by simply getting your name and
face out to a wider audience.  To actually start something
TODAY... and make money TODAY... that's a whole different
story.  Getting your name out there is a process of acquiring
trust... and building rapport.  And that takes time!

So that being said, I approached this course with an open,
but somewhat cautious mind.  Was it going to be the same
as every other course?

The claim with this course is that... it has nothing to
do with 'elevating' your name or status.  The path to
making money is very direct - you sell a product, you earn
a commission.

Mark claims you can take the guide... read it
tonight... and start making money TONIGHT. Very bold claims!

So... are they true... and if they are, how does he do it?

After reading the course (which is 158 pages, 42 of which
are either case studies or testimonials, leaving approx. 116
of direct, hands-on material), I had sort of a "Doh! Why
Didn't I Think Of That?!" moment... the actual premise behind
how and why this works is so simple, it's one of those
ideas you'll wonder why you never thought of before.

And yes... I can absolutely see why it works, and why there
has been a near 100% success rate for anyone who has
actually followed the course, and stuck with it.  It's
actually very difficult to lose... IF you do it correctly.

The strategy is simple - create a ton of Fan Pages, and
promote affiliate links to every fan who signs up.

What will surprise you is the kind of offers that actually
work.  It's clear that throwing just ANY old affiliate link
at the page won't work - there are very specific types of
offers that do well, and you'll be surprised what they are...
and actually how to recruit thousands of fans to your new
pages (which is really the lifeblood of the strategy).

If you goof on either of these things - you'll make very
little, or no money at all.  Follow the steps that Mark shows
you... and it's clear to see how you can make a killing.
The course explains the process very well.

I read the entire course in one sitting, and here's what I
took from it:

* There's basically 8 steps you need to follow for
making money from Facebook.  All of these can be learned
in one night, and implementing them should take 4-5 hours.

* You don't need to use your own name, have any kind of
presence, or know anything about a particular market to
make money in it.  You're actually encouraged to use pen
names and remain anonymous.  I really liked that concept
because it means we can tackle multiple markets with
many pseudonyms, and dominate them all without tarnishing
your primary name/brand.

* It costs NOTHING to run this entire business.  And
when I say nothing, I really mean nothing!  This is
something that really hooked me with this model of
making money, and is a benefit not to be understated.
Since you're using free Facebook Fan Pages and not
Facebook Advertising, your clicks cost nothing. No
hosting costs, no domain names to register, no staff
to employ, no product creation expenses, no merchant
accounts.  You can promote anything as an affiliate and
make as much money as you want, and no-one has any
claim to any of it.  This is a huge benefit because
it means you can build up your income at your own pace,
without racking up bills and overheads that need paying.

* There's nothing really technical about this business
model.  Creating a web page means you need to know
HTML, maybe Javascript or PHP, editing graphics, etc.
With FBAutoCash, if you already use Facebook, you know
how to run this business!  You're clicking buttons on
the Facebook website that you're already familiar with,
adding friends, posting status messages, etc - stuff
you probably already do with friends of family. It really
is that simple.

* Realistically, it will take around 30 days to see the
kind of income that can start replacing a full-time salary.
That's because you're encouraged to add 100-200
new friends per day, per account, and you'll be setting
up multiple accounts for many different markets.  The
general feeling seems to be that it takes around 4,500
to 5,000 Facebook adds (again, you'll do 100-200 per day
very comfortably) for every $1,000 to $1,200 you make in
return.  There are also ways you can outsource this, or
(my personal favorite- see below), you can use software
to automate nearly ALL of these tasks for you.

* What I found REALLY exciting is the software Mark has
built to automate adding friends and managing promos
automatically.  What that means is, instead of spending 30-45
days to make each $1,200 'income stream', you can let
the software take care of that for you and even run
multiple accounts with it and do in minutes what it'd
take the average person several days to achieve.  That's
REALLY powerful.  The software is offered as a purchase
following the course and is priced VERY reasonably
for the time it saves and the money you can make with it.
What's really powerful is, you'll be able to walk away from
your computer and come back a little later... to find
hundreds of new 'friends' added to your account. These
are people you can start sending affiliate links and
targeted promotions to immediately.

* This is a rare course in that there are several
students making a solid $25,000+ per month with it (which
I'd consider to be a very decent 'salary' to earn from
one website, with no business running costs), yet the course
is step by step and extremely easy for even a newbie to
follow and make some decent money with.  With so many
product launches these days, it's very rare to see
something explained so clearly that so obviously works...
there are screenshots for every step, and everything is
marked in step 1, do this... step 2, do that... format.
Many courses claim it; this one actually delivers it.

So, is it worth buying?

At $37 for the course, my verdict is it's a *WINNER*.

Making 10x the purchase price should be easy for anyone
to do very quickly, if they actually follow the instructions
and invest a few hours into reading the material and
doing the steps.

I'm on par to hit $5,000 this month with the course and
using the software and some of Mark's 'advanced'
strategies (which he recommends you do when you hit
$10,000+). I'm confident I can quickly scale this to 5
figures per month.

With the software, it's made even easier - your workload
is cut down to just a few clicks of the button.  The
hardest part is deciding which offers to send to make your
money on - a process Mark has made much easier by showing
you screenshot examples of EXACTLY what he's selling online,
and why certain types of offer work better than others.

The following bonuses also accompany the course (which
add to the package value but honestly, you probably won't
even need them).

- 12 videos on Facebook, including:

* Mark Anastasi (intro to Facebook Marketing Seminar)
* Tom Miller LIVE at The Social Media Millionaire Summit
* Glen Kirkham LIVE at The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Seminar
* Mili Ponce LIVE at The Facebook Marketing Seminar + Social Media Millionaire Summit
* Nick Peall MR FBX LIVE at The Facebook Marketing Seminar
* Armand Morin
* Daniel Priestley

- Audio Interviews with people who already make
$1,500 to $25,000+ using this strategy (these are very
effective, because you get to see exactly what's working
for these people TODAY... including their best selling

* Georgina Lany
* Robert Grant
* Wayne Dobson
* Nadeem Malik
* Paul Wakefield
* Vlad Danciu
* Suraj Sodha
* Imran Naseem
* Sam Bakker

- And the following exclusive PDFs, delivered free
to the next 100 students

* FB Ads module
* FB Events module
* Fanpage Dollars
* How to be accepted in CPA networks (which can gain you
access to exclusive offers to promote on Facebook that
none of your competitors will be selling)

To learn more about the product and grab it immediately
(it's an instant download), use this link:


Farizal Kamal